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His Faith - His Family - His Country - His Integrity – ACS

Kirk's career in transportation began over 31 years ago when he worked on the docks at Smith Food & Drug in Layton, UT.  He rose through the ranks over a 17 year period to become Director of Transportation.  Since then, he has held consultative solution based sales positions for some of the leading providers in the transportation industry.  Kirk possesses a unique combination of technical expertise blended with logistical and supply chain experience, along with the ability to convey his talents to his clients. 

Kirk’s favorite hobbies are golf, golf, and golf.  He is also very much in tune with the political climate, and he enjoys hanging out with his sons Tommy and Jake.  Kirk is extremely proud of his wife Carol, who is the National President of the Project Linus Foundation, which is headquartered in an office in their home town of Bloomington, IL.


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To contact Kirk about TripPak ENTERPRISE or any other ACS solutions that deliver a better bottom line for carriers, call him at 800-298-7202 X1324 or email

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